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Preventing crime ... rather than recording it

House protected with Armourbar“You stand a greater chance of being burgled in the UK than in any other European country.” (Source: EU/Gallup)

Despite the highest ownership in Europe of burglar alarms and CCTV cameras, UK homeowners suffer more burglaries than all our EU neighbours. Criminals nowadays have little regard for the visible deterrence of such devices and are quite prepared to attack your home with jemmies, sledgehammers or worse.

That’s why All Group UK has developed a system for doors and windows
which prevents criminals gaining access in the first place.

All Group UK Ltd

All Group is a new company developed jointly from the inventions of William Kidd for use in the security industry and marketing expertise generated by Alliance Preservation Group. The gap in the market place was spotted when Alliance Preservation were asked to look at producing security for listed buildings where all that was available was unsightly metal bars to prevent burglar access via windows and rather weak door locks. 'Allbar' is the registered trademark of the products marketed by Allarm Ltd part of All Group UK Ltd.

Property owners familiar with the 'scissor type concertina' screens will be familiar with such unsightly products. 'Allbar' allow clients to retain the aesthetics of their sitting rooms especially in listed buildings while still being secure. The strong steel bars are set in 'jemmy' resistant tracks firmly through bolted into the masonry reveal they are aligned within. Once they are in place and for example in Georgian style small pane windows they are aligned directly over the existing glazing bars and then clad with pre hollowed timber mouldings cut to fit precisely over the metal rods thus disguising them as 'original' timber style glazing dividers.

The 'allbar' system is built up on site from modular components thus ensuring a good fit tailor made for each individual property and minimising lead in delivery and fitting times. For windows with much larger panes or picture style windows where the bars are spaced out resulting in openings through which unlawful access could be gained a 6mm sheet of polycarbonate is sandwiched between the bars and the original window. In this version the sheet is hinged and kept in place by the reduced bar system which stops the sheet being rammed off in the event of an attack. The 'allbar' system is also hinged to allow access to clean behind the polycarbonate sheet. 'Allgroups' own strip lock is used to secure the hinged frame in place. The reduced bars are clad as in the Georgian style system with pre hollowed out timber or upvc mouldings. The bars can be removed (or added to) from the tracks entirely at will in a few minutes should the need ever arise. Tracks can also be removed by withdrawing the bolts.

Preventing crime ... rather than recording it

Our sister company, The Alliance Preservation Group was originally formed in 1991 on foundations laid in 1981. We provide a wide range of security services and products. We also provide specialist building preservation services which include timber treatments and damp proofing.

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