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Exclusion Zones

Exclusion ZonesAre external areas which are created when the allbar system has successfully prevented your property from being broken into. There is a risk in isolated locations, especially where high value contents are at risk, that criminals may attempt to obtain the key by attempting a personal assault.

In order to minimise the risk of this, All Group recommend that consideration be given to perimeter security fencing, and alarms, both silent and audible, linked to a 24 hour call centre, which will then report an intrusion to the relevant owner or key holders, who can then take appropriate action, including attendance by police or private security patrol key holders, should it be necessary.

We can also offer (through one of our strategic partnerships which specialises in the world wide protection of high net worth individuals and their families) a monitored CCTV systems with a loudspeaker facility which is the ultimate deterrent. Any unauthorised intrusion is detected, the intruder is then watched by CCTV and the police are notified, opportunist thieves can then be warned off the premises by the loudspeaker system. In such cases the police take the call seriously as it is a verified intrusion rather than a false alarm and a quick response is organised. The CCTV can then be used as evidence in any prosecution.

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